We (Sam and Nat) wrote a movie (Sam acted in it too) called Stuck Between Stations that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2011 and went on to be distributed by Lionsgate. Our friend Brady Kiernan did a great job of directing it and assembled an amazing team for the production. A few famous people even show up on the screen, and you can stream it on Netflix or buy it on iTunes.

This time around, we wanted to go through the production process on our own, making as much use as possible of free locations, our family and good friends, and situations close enough to our own lives so we could quickly tell good jokes, tease out the often overlooked details of everyday life, and thread a simple narrative through a series of moments we know well and believe are inherently interesting. Thanks to Nick Rymer and an incredible crew, we shot a truly independent feature-length movie. We're pleased with the results, and so far (most) other people are too. But we're short on the money we need to make our footage look and sound as great as any professional film. Obviously, we will be grateful for any and all support.